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Duration : 9 Months

3 D VFX is a comprehensive course which makes you familiar with creative visualization and complete 3D Fx concepts.

Job Options

1. Concept Artist

2. Digital Artist

3. Motion Graphic Artist

4. Fx Artist

5. Enviornment Designer

6. Vfx Generalist

7. Matte Painter

8. Camera Tracker

Course Content

1. Pre-Production
2. Storyboarding
3. Digital Design
4. Motion Graphics
5. Cloth Fx
6. Advance Particle
7. Pyrotechnics
8. Rigid Body simulation
9. Match Moving
10. Rendering
11. Dynamics
12. Procedural FX Workflow


What is 3D VFX?

3D VFX course in Jaipur

3D VFX is a comprehensive course to make us familiar with creative visualisation and complete 3D Fx concepts. Quantum Games and design trains you to create 3D concepts based on visualisation.

Benefits of the course are:-

We make you learn how to create characters & environment in reel life which are impossible to create in real life. It can give you the most happening career with the increasing number of Bollywood movies using VFX to make their movies blockbusters. After completing this course, you can join an animation studio, film studio, graphic design company or gaming studio. You have innumerable job opportunities after completing this professional course.


Students get in-depth knowledge about Pre-production, Digital design, Advance particle, Match Moving, Dynamics, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics, Pyrotechnics, Rendering, Procedural Fx workflow, Cinematography, Cloth Fx, Rigid Body Simulation & this will help him / her to create a professional portfolio.

Some of the example of Portfolio making are:-

Student can assure for himself a fantastic career as Concept Artist, Motion Graphic Artist, Fx Artist, Environment Designer, Digital Artist, Vfx Generalist, Matte Painter, Camera Tracker, etc. Portfolio is maintained to showcase his /her practical working in a job Interview.

Why should you join Quantum Games & Design for 3D VFX Course?

• 22 years of industry experience and 15000+students
• Professional training by Industry experts.
• Hands-on training using the latest tools & software.
• Individual Portfolio-making.
• Workshops/Projects at regular intervals.
• Career Guidance by the Mentors.
• Internship Facility after completing course.
• 100% Practical training
• Get 100% job placement assistance.
• Students placed in top companies like Game Shastra, TV channel Aaj Tak, Amazon, Double Negative, Prime Focus, MPC, Red Chilly & many more.